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by White Dwarf

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Interstellar Medium


released May 13, 2015

David Söderlund - Electric guitar
Ludvig Rosenbaum - Electric bass, vocals
Benjamin Roth - Drums



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White Dwarf

Toward Kepler-452b

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Track Name: Introspectronaut
Go beyond and see the face
Of the universe
Stars collide in cosmic haze
Light reborn through stardust

Endless worlds infront of me
Trancends the state of duality
Infinite riffs carry me
To the sun i used to be
Track Name: White Dwarf
Luminous ascender enters the iceclad gate
Guards of the mountain protect the holy faith
Seer reads prophecy written on the ancient stone
Dwarven king descends from his frozen throne

Electric tower alligns to the astral ship
Coordinates to the black hole portal recieved
Sun collides into moon as the ship takes off
Dwarven king escapes earth before it explodes
Track Name: Woodstock on the Moon
Oblivions vibrations
Blasting through space
10 000 amps
The moon is the place

Woodstock reborn
Orbiting earth
The 60's are back
We have returned
Track Name: ISM
The spaceship flies through blackened skies
Supernovas meets my eyes
Violet moon and plasmic sun
Hyperspeed - My senses are numb